Meet the Maker

Hi! I'm Miranda, 33 year old creator and maker behind Chalk Designs By Me.  What started out as a side biz while working full time marketing for a law firm support company, turned into so much more.  With the growth of instagram and consistent work, my hobby turned into my dream job.  Combining marketing and hand lettering became a way of life and something I truly enjoy doing each day.  I love being a part of so many of your magical memories.  Many may not realize, but I am the original creator of all the tags you see in the Instagram world.  I was the first, a trailblazer, if you will.  I take pride in my original work, in producing top notch products, building relationships, and providing excellent customer service.  I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and while I just finished paying my student loans off, the quick turn of social media marketing never made its way into my courses. Isn't that crazy?!

I have four sweet kiddos, one I gained when my husband and I were married in 2013.  The littlest three have been watching me grow this business for as long as they can remember/their whole lives. We live in a tight 1600 square feet and Chalk Designs By Me has slowly but surely taken over at least 1/4th of our home - with set up and clean up happening every night and morning.  We trip over folded packaging boxes if we're not careful and must remember to move invoices off the printer before grabbing printed homework. During our free time, we spend our days at my parent's lake house.  There, you can find us fishing and doing water sports or hanging out on the porch.  We love cheering for our only boy at the baseball fields and being baseball sisters has become a way of life for our youngest two. 

This has quickly turned into a Christmas Card Letter and I must go now, lots of tags and shelfies to cut and letter - but thanks for being here and supporting a dream.


xo, Miranda